Allie’s Tallit

animal design tallit


Allie’s tallit was designed by her parents as a surprise for her. The images were symbolic of her Hebrew name – Ariel Chaya. To represent Ariel, we created a lion – an Areyeh.  For Chaya (Chai) we created a tree of life with 72 leaves (4 x chai) to represent the 4 people in her family.

The body of the tallit is a beautiful blue – the color of Allie’s eyes. Several cotton and cotton batik fabrics were used to create the field and plants in the background. The process of making the lion is shown in some of the photos. The tree and its leaves were appliqued on, and Jerusalem was embroidered in the background.

Allie’s father wanted the priestly blessing punctuated with small flowers on the atarah. The ends of the atarah have 2 doves with the words tikkun olam, in Hebrew.