Caden’s Tallit

Caden chose a beautiful silk fabric that I purchased in Thessaloniki, Greece, for the body of his Level 1 tallit. The fabric is such a beautiful weave of so many colors, that it only needed corners and atarah.

For the corners and atarah, we used fabric from a suit that his great grandmother wore to his mother’s wedding, and a beige skirt that I believe was also hers. We embroidered everything (except the iphone) with gold metallic thread. The buttons in the Stars of David on the ends of the atarah, were also from his great grandmother’s suit.

One corner was dedicated to his passions, and though he had many  (including baseball and bowling that didn’t make it onto the corner) we did get music, art and technology on there.

Like his sisters, Ellory and Avery, he had a beautiful quote from Anne Frank on the atarah.