Daniel’s and Abigail’s wedding tallit

Daniel designed this tallit before his “mother-in-law to be” Tanya contacted me. It was probably the most direction I have ever been given as to what the final result was to be. I just had to figure out how to do it. Not only did he draw out the design, but they chose the exact colors they wanted.

Daniel and Abigail wanted to use this tallit as their chuppah, so it was a full size tallit. They chose a white wool for the base, and then I was able to find ribbons that were the right colors and widths for their beautiful design. 

We found a gorgeous deep purple silk dupioni for the atarah and corners, for their ornate embroideries. The atarah, of course, says Ani l’dodi v dodi li in a font that uses 3 colors, so we used golds and silver. 

You can see the drawing and all of the details in the photos.