Phillip’s Peacock Blue and Gold Tallit

Phillip had a strong sense of what he wanted his tallit to look like and what symbols and images he wanted on the corners to express who he is. First of all, he chose a beautiful navy silk dupioni for the body of the tallit. It was accented with a wide stripe of a peacock feather cotton fabric which was put on another lighter blue silk dupioni that matched the blue in the center of the peacock feathers. This large stripe was then surrounded by stripes of an off white dupioni silk. 

Phillip chose to have 8 corners: 4 on the outside and 4 on the inside. They were “triple” corners, that is to say 3 different fabrics layered on top of each other. The embroidery was done on the off white dupioni silk which was surrounded by a gold lamé fabric, which was surrounded by the lighter blue silk dupioni that matched the wide center stripe on the body of the tallit. Check them out!

The atarah was created from the peacock fabric and as his Hebrew hame is Yehudah (Judah), he has lions of Judah embroidered in metallic gold threads on the ends.

It is absolutely stunning.