Guitar playing cantor’s tallit

Cantor Mark wanted another tallit to wear while playing his guitar. He wanted it to be narrow enough to lay in the crease of his elbows, but then to slope down to become a little wider in the back. 

He chose an off white silk matka for the body, and we adorned it with gold and black stripes, using silk fabrics and gold ribbons on the front and the back, so that the beautiful design would show from both sides.

His corners were plain with tiny stars of Davids where the tzitzit went through. As you can see in the photos, he initially wanted points on the ends of a plain atarah. But then we felt that his beautiful tallit was calling for a little more adornment, so he chose 2 beautiful lions of Judah for the ends. But this design looked better with squared off ends.

These photos were taken during COVID, so there’s no congregation, just Cantor Mark in the back yard!