Marshall’s Tallit

Marshall wanted a new tallit for his 60th birthday that would be ready for his great nephew’s Bar Mitzvah. He wanted the names of his parents, siblings, nephews, nieces, great nieces and great nephews on it, but wasn’t sure where or how! He was also going to Bangkok on business, and wanted to choose his own silk there for the body of his new tallit.

After lots of discussions and embroidery “tests”, Marshall decided to have his atarah say L’dor va dor – from generation to generation, and to have the names of his nephews, nieces, and greats on the atarah itself – all in Hebrew. His name, and the names of his parents and siblings were on the corners – all in Hebrew. But because he also wanted the blessing on the atarah, we made an inside atarah with the blessing. 

In Bangkok he chose a gorgeous silver dupioni silk for the body of the tallit, which we accented with purple and blue silks, and a beautiful batik that picked up all of the colors. Both the atarah and the corners were “double”, with the periwinkle silk on top of the purple. The corners also had a silver thread couched between the 2 colors, to pick up the silver of the main fabric. Stunning, Marshall!