Rabbi Nikki’s Tallit

Rabbi Nikki writes, “For my rabbinic ordination, I wanted a tallit that would fit an impossibly long, complicated, and emotional wish list: it had to remind me of the values that would ground my rabbinate; it had to acknowledge my Catholic upbringing; and it had to include symbols of the stories and concepts in Judaism that are central to my personal spiritual practice. Sharon heard all my ideas and translated them into a gorgeous work of art. Each aspect tells a story–from the choice of colors to the intricate Torah verses to the significant dates (including the birth of my son and the date of ordination) at each corner. It was a great experience I hope to share one day with our son when he becomes bar mitzvah (b”h)!”

Rabbi Nikki Lyn DeBlosi, PhD
Reform Rabbinic Fellow and Scholar-in-Residence
NYU Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life