Naomi’s and Aurora’s Tallitot

Written by Naomi:

These tallitot were commissioned for a mother and daughter, Naomi & Aurora, to celebrate Aurora’s Bat Mitzvah. Over the years, Naomi had saved her mother’s wedding dress, her own wedding dress, and numerous costumes accumulated over ten years of Aurora’s ballet and dance recitals. Sharon incorporated pieces of these fabrics into both tallitot using Aurora’s favorite color (blue) and Naomi’s favorite color (purple) for the bases with dupioni accents and silver thread on the corners and atarah. 

Aurora chose to have the Sh’ma embroidered on her atarah with the Hebrew words for wisdom, balance, friendship, and kindness in the corners. Naomi decided upon Stars of David for the corners and “Eishet Chayil” for the atarah. Naomi and Aurora wore these tallitot for the first time during Aurora’s bat mitzvah on Veteran’s Day. Coincidentally, Naomi is a combat veteran of the Iraq War and still serving on active duty.