Alexis’s Tiger tallit

Alexis, a very quiet, seemingly shy girl, wanted a tiger embroidered on the back of her tallit. 

She also wanted her tallit to be a bold gorgeous color. She initially thought that she wanted her tallit to be red, but as soon as she saw this purple silk dupioni that fringed a shocking pink, she fell in love with it. Alexis chose a very pink purple dupioni for the atarah, a very vibrant blue for the corners, and then used the same colors for the stripes, with a more narrow white stripe in the middle to brighten it.

Her corners, embroidered in white, used a very elegant cursive font with the names of her parents and sister, her name in Hebrew and English, the date of her Bat Mitzvah, and a penguin! The ends of her atarah had roses, because of her middle name.  So gorgeous and unique….