About Sharon Landecker

Custom Tallit Designer

I work closely with customers to design beautiful, custom, and kosher tallitot, to produce the tallit of their dreams. My goal is to craft ritual pieces that will hold a special place in people’s hearts for a lifetime.

Each item I make is unique (100% handcrafted in my home studio) and designed every step of the way with clients’ needs in mind. By scrolling through the photo gallery, you can see all the diverse styles of tallitot I’ve created in the past.

I work mainly with silks, my favorite being dupioni, as it fringes so beautifully in a contrasting color. I work with high-quality wool and vegan fabrics for the body of the tallit, often adding cottons and batiks for decoration. Some prefer a traditional tallit with their favorite colors, while others choose to make their tallit a backdrop for interpretations of the Torah or scenes of nature.

Originally coming from a quilting background, some of the additional sewing techniques I work with include embroidery (machine) and appliqué. I enjoy working closely with my customers in order to ensure the finished product is their fantasy tallit.

All four corners are custom embroidered with words in Hebrew and/or English, and/or designs. Corner designs may also include anything that commemorates the wearer’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Clients can choose from a variety of Jewish symbols — like the Star of David, chai, chamsa, pomegranate, etc —  to things they’re passionate about, whether it’s dance, sports, music, cooking or something that’s special to the wearer. The atarah (collar) can incorporate meaningful texts, including the traditional blessing or another blessing/quotes.

Based in Santa Barbara, I’m able to work closely with clients from all over via emails, texts and phone calls. I touch base with them often to help decide on final styling choices. After choosing the tallit’s colors and design placements, I’ll be sure to update you with progress photos every step of the way. Clients can be as hands on/off with the process as they’d prefer.

Thank you,

Sharon Landecker