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  • Rabbi Gayle Pomerantz and Temple Beth Sholom

    "I found Sharon’s work on her website and thought it was extraordinary. My daughter wanted specific images on her tallit for her bat mitzvah. Sharon brought my daughter’s vision to life. She was delightful to work with and always presented choices, from the fabric to the corners to the lining and the thread color. There wasn’t one detail that she didn’t consult with us on. It is so evident that Sharon pours hours and hours of time, thought, love and dedication into each tallit she makes. In our tradition there is a concept, “hiddur mitzvah,” which means beautifying a mitzvah. I cannot think of an artisan who does this any better than Sharon. Her tallitot are works of art, to be cherished by those who are lucky enough to have one."

  • Nicole

    "Sharon has an unbelievable gift of imbuing both a spiritual and artistic touch into every tallit and kippah she crafts. The way she worked pieces of my beloved grandmother's clothing into Ellory's tallit was beautiful and truly honored her memory, while also adding personalized accents to reflect Ellory's passions, made this tallit a very meaningful work of art. Ellory loves wearing her gorgeous tallit as it not only reminds her of her spiritual connection to her judaism, but also the love and warmth of her great-grandmother Helen which enevelops her everytime she wraps herself in her tallit. Although we live across the country from Sharon and have never met her (we found her from an internet search), communication was easy via email and it was more than a pleasure working with Sharon. We look forward to doing so again in a few years for our next child's bat mitzvah!"

  • Shari Pulcrano-Childs

    "Sharon has the unique ability to capture your child's personality within their tallit , one that reflects their style combined with deeper reflection. Sharon is passionate about her artistry, gives careful attention to detail, using high quality exotic fabrics from all over the world. All three of my men value their tallit and loved the process of co-creating with Sharon. Thank you Sharon!"

  • Uri and Muffin

    "Dear Sharon, Thank you for creating this extraordinary piece of spiritual art that spoke so deeply to Ben 's soul and to the day itself. The textures and colors were eloquent--as was the iconography. Just putting the tallit on gave Ben a sense of intent and connectivity to the day -- to his community and to the part of himself that embraces all that brought him to this place in time. Your guidance, wisdom, insight and intelligence about how art and spirituality connect--each allowing the other to come forth--astonished me.... And everyone who was present. Somehow you distilled a sense of community, a sense of intent, and a sense of Ben and 6000 years of history into one small piece of art...when I touch your tallit Sharon I feel I touch haiku made real...poetry, distillate, that can be seen, touched, worn, cherished. Thank you."

  • Nancy

    "Dear Sharon, Thank you so much for all your handwork creating such an incredibly beautiful tallit for our son, Zak. We were all so impressed with your artistic skills. Zak will always treasure this and wear it in good faith throughout his life. You are extremely talented and we hope to provide you with many referrals."

  • Elizabeth and Sam

    "Dear Sharon, Collaborating with you on my son's tallit was more fun and meaningful than I could have imagined. It amazed me to see my son Sam develop a vision for his prayer shawl, a vision of his Judaism wrapped around him. Valuing the creative and his personal connections to life, to Jewish life, to our traditions made his becoming a Bar Mitzvah more meaningful for all of us. I cherish my memories of the process. And I look forward to seeing him in his tallit many times and at many simchas in the future. Your creation is magnificent, breathtaking. You have a wonderful talent of bringing blessings and beauty into people's lives. Thank you."

  • Daniel

    "Dear Sharon, Thank you so much for the beautiful tallit. I had so much fun working with you and I hope to use the tallis for the rest of my life."

  • Ruth

    "Dear Sharon, We value you and all the time and energy and love that went into creating Daniel's tallit. The process of creating Daniel's tallit was a definite highlight in the preparation for his Bar Mitzvah. He and I loved working with you and developing a relationship with you...even from afar. He loves how it turned out and he looked so incredibly handsome on the bima."

  • Beth Polakoff and Donna Osborn

    "Sharon, We LOVE the tallit that you made for Jolisa. It's gorgeous. You converted our vision and concept into a beautiful piece of artwork and Judaica that we will treasure for years to come. Working with you was a joy. Hard to believe that we did this cross country and never even met in person - we feel that we got to know you through this experience. For anyone looking for a unique tallit and a fulfilling expereince in creating it, we recommend you, your work, and the expereince at the highest level possible - FANTASTIC!"

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