Tallit Pricing

Tallit Price Levels

Level 1:

Beautiful fabric of your choice (pre-embroidered, print, solid,…), cut and sewn to your dimensions, with 4 personalized corners and atarah, tied tzitzit (see Specialty Fabric Tallitot) – starting at $1200.

Level 2:

Same as above, but using a solid fabric and adding stripes. You and I will work together to choose the colors, how many stripes, the width of the stripes and how far apart they are. -starting at $1500

Level 3:

Same as above, but with either double corners/atarah, and/or double stripes, and/or couching of metallic threads between stripes. -starting at $1650

Level 4:

I will custom design a beautiful, totally unique tallit with a scene or embroideries and/or appliques.  A very large tallit with stripes on both sides also falls into this category. The cost at this level is based mainly on the time involved to create it! Price range: Starting at $1800