Sasha’s Lake Tahoe tallit

The creation of this tallit was definitely a family affair. Sasha’s mom and grandma designed this tallit for Sasha, with Sasha’s approval along the way for every step.

Sasha, and her twin Julian, wanted tallitot to express their love for Lake Tahoe, as did their brother Max a year before.

Sasha’s tallit was created from a gorgeous purple/pink silk dupioni, and had embroidered flowers surrounding the lake, purple and pink snow-capped mountains with a forest, and a dove of peace flying towards a rainbow on the other side. She chose all the fabrics needed to create the scene, and her mom drew the mountains.

The atarah was a quote written by her grandmother.

Sasha wanted a lacey chamsa embroidered on the back, which we did with a variegated thread and then repeated on her matching bag and kipah.