Abe’s full size traditional tallit

Abe wanted a full size tallit like his dad’s (see Ian’s, from a year before), but in his favorite colors (think NY and sports?).

Abe and his parents designed a beautiful tallit using an off white silk matka, called Alpaca, from www.silkbaron.com.

The orange and blue fabrics, used for the stripes, atarah and corners, were also from silk baron. 

Just like his dad’s tallit, they chose to have very subtle corners, with meaningful designs stitched in a thread color very similar to the fabric. Also, like his dad’s, stripes were sewn onto both sides of the tallit (front and back), so that when he wears it in a traditional style, flipped over his shoulders, the stripes show.

The atarah has the “priestly blessing”, and on the inside, there’s a separate embroidered piece with the year of his Bar Mitzvah, his parsha, and his stylized initials.