Eyndiyah’s romantic hibiscus tallit

Why romantic, you ask? Because Eyndiyah’s sweet husband designed it for her as a surprise.

He chose her favorite colors, her favorite flower (hibiscus), and then put together so many meaningful symbols from her life. The corners are a bagel (as she is a bagel baker and has a bagel bakery), the AKA logo, an army SFC rank symbol, and a fleur de lis. 

The body of the tallit is a white silk dupioni, and the fabrics for the accent colors around the hibiscus and the corners and atarah are also dupioni silk from www.silkbaron.com.

The hibiscus fabric is from www.spoonflower.com

On the atarah, the text reads, “Tzedek tzedek tirdof”, (Justice justice shall I pursue), and on the ends are embroidered Erasmus bridge images, where he proposed to her.